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Course Closing for the Season Sun Evening Nov 3rd | Christmas Sale Dec 7th

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Greetings Golfers,

Obviously this isn’t my usual Friday morning email. That’s because I feel I need to tell you a couple of things.

First: We’re closing the course on the night of Sunday, Nov. 3.  I’m often asked why we close if there’s a possibility of nice weather in November. Well, in a few days, it will be dark by 5pm. If a typical round takes 4 hours, then the last tee time is 1pm. If we have our usually frosty mornings, we can’t start tee times until 10am (if we’re lucky). Also, because we blow out the irrigation system, we can’t water and heal up divots, etc. So, to provide you the quality of turf that you expect next Spring – we shut her down.

Second: Our annual Christmas Sale will be held on Saturday, December 7. More info to follow.

Don’t waste this weekend … you know what your Grandpa used to say “Waste not, want not.”


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional