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3M Championship

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On Wednesday I played in the 3M ProAm at the TPC in Blaine. No, I’m not playing in the Tournament – I ain’t that good. Two MN PGA Club Pros are that good and are playing – Donnie Berry and Dave Tentis – but most of us aren’t. We’re more like good amateurs than Tour Players – big difference.

So, our Tour Player was a guy named Joel Edwards – you probably haven’t heard of him (I hadn’t), but you should’ve. Not only is he the nicest guy in the world, but a ridiculously good golfer. So why is he unknown? Well, he’s not the best putter. No matter how well you can strike the ball, you have to putt well to score well.

Joel is from Texas and has an old-school golf swing. He just winds up and hits it with his hands. Very, very cool. His basic shot is a low bullet that doesn’t turn left or right – just really straight and really solid. One of the guys in our group was struggling and said to Joel that he couldn’t finish his swing. Joel told him to swing his arms past his body and release his hands. Woah! I completely agree, but that’s very old-school – you don’t hear that kind of talk anymore.

So if that concept interests you … here’s a pretty good drill. Just go to the range and hit balls with your feet together. Seriously. Take the narrowest stance you can, and when you hit the ball, make sure that your top hand turns over the golf club so that you hit a hook. Most people slice because they don’t have enough hand action. When they do hook it, they hook it with their shoulders – not their hands.

For a real demonstration, go out to the 3M Tournament this weekend and watch the big boys… and take a look at Joel Edwards.  And, watch Brad Faxon putt. If you could combine the two …


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional