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A Band-Aid or Surgery?

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Greetings Golfers,

When I give a lesson, I ask the student if they need surgery or a band-aid. Most opt for the band-aid … and rightfully so. They’re looking for a fix to get them through a bad patch or to survive a round with the boss.

Sometimes surgery is needed … but it’s best to do during the offseason. And there are very good instructors around here to redo your golf swing – but it takes a firm commitment.

All golf swings get out of whack and it’s good to know what your tendencies are. Sometimes you need to apply your own bandage to stop the bleeding.

I’m not talking about a swing key – that’s a different cat. A swing key is just a good thought to have to keep you together when playing golf. Having too many swing keys is not good. One is enough. I disagree with the concept of focussing on the process while playing. I believe you should focus on the result and hit the shot – not focus on your golf swing.

What are some of my band-aids? When I get too wound up on the golf course: I squeeze the club, swing too fast, and I swing back too far on the backswing. If I’m aware that I’m  too ramped up, I remember my tendencies, and make practice swings with softer hands, and slower, shorter swings. Then when I get over my shot, I just try to hit the shot. Hopefully, my practice swings will have solved the problem.

Think about what happens when your golf swing falls apart – maybe you can make your own bandages. If not, see a golf pro/doctor for help. You don’t have to only see a pro for surgery. People are afraid of lessons because they think the pro will overhaul their swing. Doesn’t have to be that way. Just let ‘em know what you need.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Profesional