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A Family Reunion

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Greetings Golfers,

Tomorrow is our annual Ranger/Starter meeting. We always have it on the last Saturday of March. Usually, we open the first week of April … so normally it’s pretty good timing.

We haven’t opened and probably won’t until Tuesday. We still have a lot of snow – seriously. That latest snowstorm fell unevenly over the Metro area … but those nitrates in the snow will really green us up – maybe that extra snow will be worth it.

Speaking about being optimistic …I think we’re going to have a nice Spring. Every year I really look forward to the new season … but this one really feels good.

Our Rangers and Starters are also really fired up – they’ve been stopping over at the clubhouse the last few weeks. Their annual meeting is always a lot of fun – these guys (and gals) are really into it and really enjoy each other – it always feels like a family reunion.

What do we talk about? Same old stuff like our 3 C’s:
* Common sense
* Courtesy
* Communication

And that a golf course is like a one-lane freeway. There’s not a passing lane, so everyone needs to go about 60mph (a four hour round). No one has the right to go 90mph and run over people … and no one has the right to go 40mph and slow everyone down. The Rangers need to keep all players aware of playing at a 4 hour pace.

The Starters need to welcome all of the golfers – they are the hosts of the party – and they need to keep them apprised of what’s expected and what’s going on.

Tomorrow is the 23rd Annual Ranger/Starter Meeting – I’m glad it’s still fun.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional