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A New Rant

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Greetings Golfers,

For many years I’ve been ranting about how golf courses need to be more fun, have faster rounds, know their market, and not get swallowed-up in the discount trap.

Now I have new cause. Brace yourself … hope you don’t get too sick off me talking about this the next few years. I’m talking about course design. Golf was originally a low ball game – sort of a giant croquet course. It was a game of angles … hazards were to be played away from or short of. The fairways were hard and the ball ran … but the greens were not pool table fast.

What happened? Well, the long high shot flew over the fairway bunkers and landed softly on the green … the need for angle play was gone. Just bomb it high, find it, and fly it up on the green … and putt like a freak. I get it. I don’t like it … but it worked and guys like Jack Nicklaus made a lot of money.

But, course design followed suit. Courses got very long and demanded long high shots. I’m down here in South Carolina and the carries to reach the fairways are crazy. And most holes have water in front of the green. Angles are meaningless. Low shots are worthless.

Why is this bad? I’ll tell ya – how’s Tiger Wood’s back doing? How’s your back? I just went to see a doctor about my neck. High shots are for young, flexible, skinny kids with a lot of clubhead speed.

As I talk about … solid contact or proper impact is made with the hands in front of the ball. But that takes loft off of the club. The only way to do that AND hit it high, is to lean way back with the upper body when making contact – what is known as the reverse-C-position.

Sure, some of you hit it high by hitting off your back foot and flipping your hands under the ball – but that’s a poor way to strike the golf ball. The consistent way is to lead with the hands as you shift your weight to your front foot – that’s a good golf swing … and it hits a LOW shot. And it’s a swing you can make all of your life without needing surgery.

You know I have a lot more to say about this. I’m just warming up … but at least I warned you!


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional