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A Not So Charming Proshop

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Greetings Golfers,

Have you seen the Bridgestone ad where the Pro Shop staff makes fun of the guy buying golf balls?

A “regular guy” comes in the shop and asks David Feherty for a sleeve of “those Pro balls”. Feherty then asks him if he has 118 mph swing speed like Fred Couples, or is a top Tour player like Matt Kuchar … while all of these guys look at him with disdain and smug smiles.

I get it. The guy should probably be playing a ball more suited to his game. Probably. Maybe. But, the “Pro” ball won’t really hurt his game, and he’s not playing for his living. Letting him have some fun by playing a Tour ball warrants making him feel foolish? Really?

I like Bridgestone. I like their balls, the company, and I really like their local sales rep. But, too often, golf projects this smug attitude that drives me crazy. There are other ways of making the point of choosing a golf ball that fits your game – mostly through educating.

But, using mockery to make your point? Promoting the smug attitudes of an arrogant Pro Shop staff to sell your product? That’s about as smart as the course in Wisconsin that decided to use the tragedy of 9/11 to promote their golf course by selling 9 hole rounds for $9.11. You didn’t hear about that? Look it up – just happened a few days ago. People threatened to burn the course down.

Back to the Bridgestone ad. The last scene is Lee Trevino knocking the guy out of the way while Trevino is vacuuming the Pro Shop. Charming.


Tom Abts