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A Tale of Two Subjects

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Greetings Golfers,

Today I have the opposite of writer’s block – I want to write about two things… maybe it’ll work.

First is the British Open – pretty obvious subject. The other is the show “Bar Rescue”… not so obvious.

The Tour Players are talking about how much they love British Open golf – even Phil. Tiger said that normal PGA Tour golf is all about hitting the ball straight up in the air, and that he loves the ground game and shot-making that are necessary to win the Open. Mickelson said the same thing… that he used to hate links golf, but now he appreciates it, and loves hitting low, running shots.

Golf was originally a ground game… but mild weather, and manicured courses turned golf into an air game. The emphasis became about hitting it high, landing it soft, and putting like a freak. Shotmaking became mostly a waste of time – it wasn’t necessary.

But on rock hard fairways with seriously windy conditions – shot-making and strategy become essential. The pot bunkers and rough can be extreme penalties – and not always fair… the lucky bounce – good or bad – may determine the championship.

The lucky bounce won’t save a Bar/Restaurant (how about that segue?)… but the Show’s host – Jon Taffer can save it.

This is already getting too long. I’ll come back to “Bar Rescue” some other time.

So, the Open is the original Major and the world championship of golf. Look for some great shotmaking to “rescue” the champion.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional