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Anything Goes?

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Greetings Golfers,

Lately, I’ve had the time to watch a lot of golf videos. My nature enjoys the banter of discussions … whether it’s philosophy, psychology, politics, business, or the golf swing.

But, too often those discussions become too hypothetical – they don’t live in the real world. The problem is that people can get frustrated and give up … then they don’t believe in anything … or then they believe in everything!

When I reach that stage of frustration, I try to prioritize what matters … that seems to help me escape the maze, and make some sense of what I’m trying to understand.

Many times I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of golf swing philosophy and lost my mind (and golf swing).

I’m a member of a golf site whose leader is a former European Tour player. Obviously a good golfer, but never really made it on Tour. Now that he’s 50, he’s going to try to qualify for the European Senior Tour. And … he’s basically rejected all golf swing philosophies. He sent me a personal email about his new style … it was pretty long and just basically said that he’s going to play golf. Ok … but what does that mean? That’s like someone who says that their personal philosophy is that they’re “going to live”.

I get it. He needs more freedom in his golf game. But, does he mean that anything goes?

Remember that old song from the 1930s “Anything Goes”?

“The world’s gone mad today and good’s bad today,

when black’s white today and day’s night today,

when most guys today that women prize today,

are just silly gigilos.

Anything goes!”

Well, that’s the constant push-pull … isn’t it. More freedom … but not lose our base. Whether it’s a society or a person or a business or a golf swing.

My golf swing is good when it’s the proper balance of stable and free. However, it gets too rigid … then I free it up and it’s good … then it gets too free and it’s bad … the pendulum is always swinging. That ever changing balance is dynamic … and necessary. But, it does get out of whack and needs to come back. Push-pull … not anything goes!


Tom Abts

GM/Head Golf Professional