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Greetings Golfers,

Have you heard about the USGA banning the belly-putter? The ruling just happened a few days ago, and will go into effect in 2016.

Hopefully this will start a dialog that is long overdue: that different rules are needed for professional golf than for recreational amateur golf.

Major league baseball doesn’t allow metal bats, the bases are 90 feet apart, and the pitching rubber is 60 ft from home-plate. Amateur softball uses metal bats, has shorter distances between bases, and has a shorter distance from the pitching rubber to home-plate. Major League Baseball is for Pros – amateur softball is for fun.

The PGA Tour should have a standard ball and probably standard clubs – at least clubs that have very little variation – the Tour should be a test of skill, not about who has the best equipment. Amateur golf is for fun/recreation. If certain equipment makes it easier and more fun – all the better. Again, the Tour is for Pros – amateur golf is for fun.

Let the dialog begin.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional