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Bigger isn’t Better

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Greetings Golfers,

Before last week’s PGA Tour event in Florida, Ricky Fowler switched to a shorter shaft on his driver. He won the tournament by 4 shots.

Bigger isn’t always better. Years ago, Nike came out with a shorter shafted driver with 13 degrees of loft. I bought a bunch for the Pro Shop. The Nike rep (at the time) was an old friend and tried to talk me out of it. I never liked Nike … they’re just a marketing company who doesn’t make anything … but, they were onto something with those drivers.

Obviously, smaller isn’t always better either. Better is better … and has to do more with proper proportion. A super short shaft is as foolish as a super long shaft. Or a super big clubhead vs a super small clubhead.

Let’s keep going with this: A really long golf course or a really short golf course? Too many courses were built way too long because of the Bigger is Better attitude.

And, quality is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored. For example: a huge plate of bad food or an average plate of good food? Sounds obvious, but it happens all the time … people get fooled by the Bigger is Better propaganda.

It’s always a balance … quantity or quality? But, how much quantity vs how much quality? Down South I can play golf at some really cheap courses – but they aren’t even worth playing they’re so bad … yet, some resort courses are so expensive that they’re not worth it either. But again, those are personal choices. I try to find what I like at a price that seems reasonable. Usually it’s not a “great deal”, but it’s what I like and not too much money where I feel ripped-off. It feels fair. What a concept!

The attitude of always trying to get more than what you paid for, probably leads to the Bigger is Better thing. And of course, there are people out there to take advantage of that greedy attitude … it gives them a way to sell stuff you really don’t want, because it’s “such a good deal”.

I’m finally learning to get what is right for me – not just letting someone sell me a “good deal”.

Looks like Ricky Fowler figured it out … bigger isn’t always better.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional