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Brain Power

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Greetings Golfers,

While out for a walk the other day, I took a look at our neighborhood “library”. One of our neighbors set up a see-through box that holds books. So neighbors take these and replace with other books – it’s pretty cool.

So I grabbed “Mavericks of Golf” … and figured it would be about unique Tour layers like Lee Trevino, Seve Ballesteros, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and guys like that. Wrong again. It was written by Jim Hansberger, the former owner of Ram Golf.

Hansberger is a classic entrepreneur and his stories about the early days of golf are fascinating. These golf companies basically started out of a garage and evolved into the big names of golf: Wilson, MacGregor, Ping, etc.

Seems like yesterday when everyone played Wilson irons, MacGregor woods (or Powerbuilt) a Ping Anser putter, and used a Titleist balata ball. Wow have things changed!

That leads me to US Amateur Champion Bryson DeChambeau. Have you seen his set of clubs? All of the irons are the same length – he just changes the loft. (I think the Tommy Armour Company tried that about 25 years ago.) Obviously he’s a great player. He’s also smart – a physics’ major at SMU.

While watching a YouTube video of DeChambeau, the next video popped up about some guy doing hand-eye coordination drills. He talked about how these drills develop your brain – especially with the non-dominate hand. And, how these drills can develop your golf game better than anything … he wrote a book called “Whole Brain Power”.

I just ordered the brain power book. Not sure that it will end up in the neighborhood library – I’ll probably need this book the rest of my life.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional