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Greetings Golfers,

It always takes me awhile to get my bearings back after a trip – lot’s of thoughts, but not many conclusions. I need time to let these thoughts connect.

Here’s some of the stuff that’s been going through my mind:

While talking to guys in pubs in Scotland, I was constantly asked why football (soccer) isn’t popular in the States. My own sons played soccer as kids – liked it, but never loved it – and don’t follow it now as adults. Why? I told the pub guys that Americans like sports that are more about the hands such as baseball, basketball, and American football. Your thoughts?

Speaking of American team sports … how about the Twins? What a turn-around! Paul Molitor deserves more credit than he’s been getting – that team was dead before he came along. I like the Viking’s coach Mike Zimmer – I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a very good year. The T-Wolves are doing the right things (finally!) and Sam Mitchell wants to take the time to build a winner. The Wolves were never patient enough to do things right – they’ve been in constant panic mode with a short-term philosophy. What about the Wild? Who knows? They won a crazy game last night … but they’re missing some key ingredient – they’re like a stew that’s too bland.

Back to that hands idea. Hands are what really make American football – it’s become a passing game. You need a star quarterback more than anything. So what’s with the Gophers? I want to like Coach Kill … and I respect loyalty … but that quarterback is not a Division 1 player (maybe he’d be a good soccer player).

Golf is hands. Putting and chipping are hands. The golf swing only works if the hands do their job. Played the other day with a man in his 80’s who made a putt on #17 to win the matches we had going on … his hands worked in the clutch. Golf is much more about feel than we want to admit. I’d come back from playing slow greens in Scotland to playing lightening fast greens at a local golf club with the aforementioned fellow. It took me 9 holes to get the feel of the greens … but I’d already shot a million even though I’d hit the ball pretty well.

I don’t know … Scotland, soccer, hands, good coaches, guys in their 80’s still playing good golf … there must be some connections.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional