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Count Yogi

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Greetings Golfers,

Have you ever heard of Count Yogi? He was a golfer – a trick shot artist, and a very good player. I bought his book in the 70’s and didn’t know what to think of it – I still don’t.

Just finished watching a video where the Count makes about a 5 foot putt using crazy putters, a stick, a spatula, a cane, etc … it goes on and on as he putts between his legs, while kneeling, etc. Check it out on YouTube. This isn’t a recent video – it was filmed in 1960.

The Count claimed to have 55 holes-in-one, to have averaged 67 for 203 rounds in 1940 playing either right handed or left handed, many course records with scores in the 50’s, and other incredible feats of golf prowess.

What I do know, is that his name was Harry Hilary Xavier Frankenberg. He was half-American Indian, and the PGA Tour bylaws in those years had a Caucasian-only clause … maybe that’s why he’s not a household name. Here’s his secret to golf: “I keep the swing simple and think of only being relaxed, graceful, and smooth.”

See why I don’t know what to think?

No matter how crazy all of this seems – and whether it’s true or not – I did watch him sink all of those putts … and I have seen video of his beautiful golf swing. Those of you familiar with my rants, know how much I dislike the modern, robotic approach to golf. The Count seems to be a real life version of the golf guru.

I want to believe in Count Yogi – I just hope he’s not golf’s version of Santa Claus.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional