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Crazy Stuff at the Canadian Open

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Greetings Golfers,

Did you hear about Robert Allenby firing his caddy yesterday mid-round during the Canadian Open? Then he had a fan in the crowd finish the round as his caddy – seriously.

That’s weird. But not as weird as Allenby’s “kidnapping” incident last winter. Remember that deal? He said he was abducted from a wine bar in Hawaii and beaten and then thrown in the trunk of a car. He then said a homeless woman found him 6 miles away after he’d been robbed. The woman – Charade Keane – said that he wasn’t 6 miles away from the wine bar, but just a few yards away sitting on a planter, “bloodied and confused”, and arguing with two homeless men.

The caddy story is bizarre … but the “kidnapping” is REALLY bizarre. What do you think actually happened?

Oh yeah, Allenby’s caddie was with him at the wine bar the night of the kidnapping. Maybe now the caddie might reveal the real story behind the “kidnapping”.

On a better note … the Canadian Open is a big tournament. Not a major – but a big tournament. Yet, being held the week after The Open, hurts the field and takes a lot of the luster out of it. It was first played in 1904 and is the third oldest continuously-running tournament on the PGA Tour – after the The Open and the U.S. Open. And it was a big deal to win all three Opens in the same season (The Triple Crown). In 2000, Tiger Woods was the first man to win the Triple Crown since Lee Trevino in 1971.

It’s sad that Allenby will probably be the big story of the week. The Canadian Open deserves better.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional