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David Ortiz

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Greetings Golfers,

David Ortiz – 2013 World Series MVP. Was that a fluke? Hardly. The Red Sox have broken their curse since Ortiz arrived in 2002… from the Minnesota Twins.

I know, I know … teams trade future stars all the time – no one has a crystal ball. But, look at these ex-Twins and see if you see a pattern: Johan Santana, Matt Garza, Francisco Lirianno, Carlos Gomez, Wilson Ramos, and David Ortiz?

Remember how good the Twins were in the ‘60s with Tony Oliva, Zoillo Versalles, Camelo Pascual, Cesar Tovar, Leo Cardenas, and Rod Carew? At least the Twins in those years kept their Latin players.

Just because we’re in Minnesota doesn’t mean that every Twin has to look like a hockey player.

Hurrah for Jerry Kill and the Gophers Football Team. Talk about a “Rocky” story. Did you hear Kill’s staff being interviewed after the Nebraska game? Their loyalty to Kill was moving/inspiring. I hope he can hang in there and build a strong program.

Good organizations don’t always win all of the time. But they do things right and they’re looking at the long term. They don’t cut corners and they’re open minded.
Some of these local teams need more than a quick fix … they need new organizations.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional