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Donald Trump

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Greetings Golfers,

I just watched a video discussion called “Is Donald Trump good for golf?”

Was Donald Trump good for football? Remember when he tried to start his own league in the 80s?

And that’s maybe the issue – are we talking PGA Tour golf or the overall game of golf? Trump didn’t affect amateur football – maybe he affected professional football.

Trump is your classic top-down guy. He would never build something at a grassroots level. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong or a terrible guy … just that he probably won’t have a big affect on the game of golf except for the Tour and high-end resorts.

But I’m not in love with the affect that the PGA Tour has on golf. Too many people watch televised golf and think that is “real golf”. They think that golf has to be played on pristine courses, take 5 hours, line up every putt from all directions, obsess over every arcane rule, and be perfectly quiet. That’s not golf … that’s tournament golf played by people trying to make their living. They’re not having fun – it’s an intense, nerve wracking job.

Last summer, Trump blasted the changes to the Pinehurst #2 golf course … it wasn’t resorty enough for him. It’s hard not to think that Trump prefers image over authentic … how about his hair?

At least he’s not into all of the cutesy stuff trying to “save” golf. But the emphasis on “Championship” courses and perfect conditions and over-the-top seriousness wasn’t good for golf … all of the stuff that Trump loves. I think golf should go back more to its roots – that’s where the real charm of the game resides – not golf courses that have the charm of Trump Towers.

Is Trump good for golf? Here’s my answer to him: You’re fired!


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional