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Fairway to Heaven

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Greetings Golfers,

Did you watch “Mad Men” the other night? It was the first episode of their final season, and people complained it was boring.

I didn’t think it was boring. Maybe the soap-opera stuff wasn’t exciting, but that’s not why I watch it. I love the inside look at Madison Avenue during the ‘60s – how those maniacs were trying to control and expand the markets of post WWII America.

But I especially enjoy watching how those experts at knowing the pulse of America were coming to grips with the cultural upheavals of the 60’s. The main character – Don Draper – can’t understand what’s happening. How can his world of Frank Sinatra and the Ratpack be giving way to the Beatles?

How did the world of golf handle those times? Do you remember Jack Nicklaus growing out his hair? I’m serious – he really did. That’s when you knew the tide had turned.

Every generation rebels and wants to be different from their parents. But the ‘60s rebellion was probably the most radical in American history – even more than the Roaring ‘20s. Probably because of the huge number of “Baby Boomers”, and thus their effect on a democracy and a market-driven economy. The sheer size of the number of Boomers made the normal generational rebellion into a revolution.

So now those Baby Boomers are grandparents. My job is to figure out how to market to the Boomers and their kids.  Hopefully both generations like Stairway/Fairway to Heaven.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional