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Fall golf or Fall sports?

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Greetings Golfers,

Did you watch the Viking’s game last night? I know it’s only preseason, but it doesn’t look good. I’ve been a fan since their first season in 1961 and have suffered through all of it. The four Super Bowl losses in the ’70’s were painful and the NFC Championship game loss to Atlanta in 1999 was a killer. But the NFC Championship loss a few years ago to New Orleans did me in.

So this Winter, when it’s so cold outside that my dog won’t even go out to go to the bathroom … I’m going to lounge on the couch and watch Vikings football. But, this Fall, when it’s the last mild days of the year … I’m not going to sit inside and watch the ViQueens.

I remember about five years ago when we were having a beautiful Indian-Summer weekend and had zero golfers. Everybody was at home watching the Twins and/or the Gophers and/or the Vikings. The Twins were playing the Yankees in the Playoffs – that was real enjoyable (if you like to hit yourself in the head with a hammer). The Gophers were 4-0 because they’d whooped such powerhouses as Slippery Rock University and the College of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Thank God for Fall golf. Don’t waste these upcoming weekends torturing yourself by watching the local sporting teams – save that misery for Winter. Come on out and join me on the tee box.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional