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Fall Golf

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Greetings Golfers,

It’s already time for the State Fair. How did that happen? Seems like Summer just started.

But Fall is near … Labor Day is only a week away. And Fall means that football is back. I’m excited about Zimmer – the Vikings new Head Coach … I really haven’t liked a Viking’s Head Coach since Bud Grant (well – maybe Burnsie).

As much as I care about wins and losses … I care more about the personality of the team and their style of play. I think that Zimmer can finally bring those qualities back to the Vikings.

What about Fall Golf? As far as the Tour goes, that means no more Majors, but the Fed Ex Cup and the Ryder Cup should keep it interesting.

What about Fall Golf at Deer Run GC? Well, we don’t punch the greens until October … so September golf should be perfect – nice temperatures, no bugs, great course conditions. Also, a lot of our tee times open up with fewer events, and the ending of league play. If you have to spend the weekend watching football, come on out and tee-it-up during the week … don’t waste this Fall.

We deserve a beautiful Fall. We didn’t have Spring, and June was a flood. I’m not complaining – just stating the truth. And I’m not complaining about the recent articles about the demise of golf. Sure, golf over-built and some courses are struggling. A few years ago the housing market over-built … but people still need houses. Well, people still want to play golf. And Fall is the perfect time to play golf – hope to see you a lot in September and October.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional