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Fall, Magic, and Halloween

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Greetings Golfers,

During the past week I’ve received photos of DRGC from golfers and our staff … they’ve all been magical.

October was gorgeous. Fall at its best is magical. And the “Fall Classic” was magical. How good is the Giant’s pitcher Madison Bumgarner? Do you remember Sandy Koufax? Unfortunately, I remember the ’65 World Series when Koufax beat the Twins in game 7. I think Bumgarner is even better than Koufax.

Well, baseball is over until next year. And golf in Minnesota is almost over. We close it upSunday night. The combination of early sunset (5pm) and morning frost leave only a tiny window available for tee times. And closing gives us the freedom to do some improvements to the golf course before winter comes to town.

This is a time of transition. And a natural time to reflect. I didn’t like Fall when I was a kid – I was a Summer guy. But in my advancing years, I respect Fall and even enjoy it. And I look forward to some time for reflection – I hope you do too.

Happy Halloween,

Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional