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FedEx Cup vs. Ryder Cup

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Greetings Golfers,

This is the final tournament of the FedEx Cup. The winner of this event at East Lake GC will probably win the 10 million dollar FedEx payday. Really – that’s true. And, the winner of the tournament itself wins over a million.

I love sports and people are entitled to making the money they earn (if it’s legal) … but this is getting crazy. I remember when in the off season, Vikings sold real estate or Twins sold cars … can you image that happening nowadays?

The sense of entitlement is what bugs me. These walkouts are hard to sympathize with. Am I on the side of the owners in these battles?  Hardly. It just seems crazy that a sporting career is usually pretty short and that the players would sit out a year because they “need” more millions.

Next week is the Ryder Cup and they play for pride and love of country – there is no paycheck. Let me know which Cup tournament you think is more exciting.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional