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Final FunPlayFriday of 2012

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Greetings Golfers,

Last week I talked about how the crazy heat of this Summer was gone and that it feels more like Fall. Yeah, we talk about the weather up in Minnesota – how do you not? It controls what you do. Think you’re going to play pond hockey this weekend? Probably not.

Weather determines your culture and lifestyle. Northern cultures are more disciplined than Southern cultures – I didn’t say better (don’t go crazy) – they have to be more planning oriented. Do you think the people who settled Minnesota just horsed around all Summer? Not the ones who made it through the Winter.

But sometimes those cultures go overboard and never stop planning and working for the future. Goal setting is great – but always living and planning for the future is not so great. Sometimes we Scandahoovians (I’m a quarter Norwegian) need to loosen up and have some fun.

So, next Friday – August 24 – is the final FunPlayFriday of 2012. We’re keeping the theme a secret… in fact for some people involved in the planning, it’s even a mystery. So, look for the usual assortment of ridiculousness: Liquor served on many tee boxes by charming hostesses, gelato, golf lessons, massages, an all-day buffet lunch, and other delights to get you out of your nose-to-the-grindstone existence and having fun like you’re on vacation at one of those island resorts.

You know what I’m saying… Labor Day is almost here.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional