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Fun at the Fair

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Greetings Golfers,

Hope you’ll stop by our booth at the State Fair.

I’m kidding … Thank God! How’d you like to be working the cheese curds booth this week? I figure with the ovens and  the crowds, some of those food booths have to be over 1,000 degrees.

I remember warm days during Fair Week, but nothing like this. Minnesota is famous for unpredictable weather … but this is ridiculous. I’ll admit that we did have a run of beautiful weather from the middle of July to the middle of August – probably the best weather I ever remember. But, most of the year has been … not good/nasty/brutal … you choose the description.

So, that means we will have a spectacular fall. Fall golf can be the best of the year – great temps and no bugs. But … sometimes viewing football gets in the way. Hey, I love football – college and the NFL – probably more than is healthy/sane. (South Carolina, will win the National Championship – you heard it here first – place your bets).

But the first 6 weeks is sort of a joke. The Gophers schedule the weakest pre-Big Ten season teams they can get away with … and the NFL season really is only about the playoffs. Why Minnesotans will stay home on weekends to watch football is mind boggling. November, December, and January are great months to watch football. February and March are good for hockey, basketball, golf trips, etc.

What I’m saying is that it’s 5 months from Nov. 1 – April 1. This is Minnesota – don’t waste September and October. Is  this self-serving? Not really – this is wise advice from an old man. Please heed my words.

Happy Labor Day – see you until Halloween.




Tom Abts, PGA