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FunPlayFriday May 17

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Greetings Golfer,

It’s been a wobbly start to the golf season. Usually the first week of April is the Masters, ice out on the lakes, and the start of the MN golf season.

This year, the first/second week of May is the Players Championship, ice out/fishing opener, Mother’s Day, and the start of the MN golf season.

Pretty different start.

But now we’re rocking – wobbly no more. In fact, to celebrate the new season, we are hosting FunPlayFriday on May 17.

We have been bombarded with requests for the FPF schedule for 2013. Though such a schedule does not exist, we hope to host a FPF every month.

Our mantra for the last five years was “Fun at the Run”. Our new mantra is “Welcome to the Real Magic Kingdom”. Thus the theme for next week’s FunPlayFriday. Does this new theme mean that the fun is gone from Deer Run? Hardly. We will always have fun at the Run. But DRGC is even more than fun. DRGC has always respected the roots of this game of Scottish shepherds – the ancient, magical, mystical experience that is golf.

Maybe we started a little late this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great year at “The Real Magic Kingdom”.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional