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George Washington

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Greetings Golfers,

I just bought a book that George Washington wrote called RULES OF CIVILITY & DECENT BEHAVIOR. Why does George Washington fly under the radar? It seems like you only hear about him when you’re in grade school.

So I’ve been doing a little research about the great man. Do you know why he chopped down the cherry tree? Because it was right in front of the 2nd green at Powdered Wig Golf Club, and it kept knocking down his shots. So he took out his 7 iron (a mashie-niblick) and chopped her down. Now you know – as Paul Harvey used to say – the rest of the story.

Seriously, Washington did write a book about manners and etiquette. And if he did play golf, I’m sure he was pleasant to play with (despite his famously short temper). Golf etiquette is necessary to play with each other. If everyone is in each other’s way, the game is no fun and probably dangerous.

Same with basic manners and etiquette in daily life. Laws are not enough to live in harmony with each other. Manners and etiquette are the grease that keeps society smooth. If you live long enough, manners and etiquette should become obvious – common sense.

Washington deserves a major movie about his life. They’re coming out with a blockbuster about Lincoln – why not one about The Father of Our Country?


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional