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Get Ready for Early Spring Golf

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Greetings Golfers,

Today is February the oneth. Last year we opened in March. With hardly any snow on the ground and this warm weather … we’ll probably open in March this year.

So now is time to get ready for the Golf Season. Sign-up for our leagues, make tee-times, and purchase some Loyal Player Passes. You can do all those things on our website – we think it’s pretty clean and easy to navigate – we tried to make it player friendly.

The Loyal Player Packages are the same prices as last year and come in a variety of sizes: 20 rounds for $760, 40 for $1420, and 60 for $2080. Obviously the bigger the Package, the bigger the savings. And you can share them with friends or other people. Click here to visit our online store.

Also, our tee-sheet is open for reservations. We may be the only course that allows unlimited advance reservations. If you want to play every Saturday morning at 7:00 – go for it! Or, play with the family every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 – it’s yours. Or with your spouse everyMonday night at 6:30 … etc. This is a great way to get to play golf when you want to play golf. And, you’re not locked into the expense of a country club. Country clubs used to be the only option for course access and a quality course. I’m not knocking country clubs … but for only $1420, you can get 40 rounds of golf AND pre-booked tee times … without expensive downstrokes and monthly dues. And we probably have the best Green Keeper in the state. Not to mention a cool Irish Pub; a 100 new, sexy, silver EZGo golf carts; a fantastic Pro Shop; and the Power Tee driving range.

I know … I’m getting carried away … I can’t help it.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional