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Golf Keeps Changing

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I’ll admit that I’ve been whining about the rain. It has been ridiculous – but not tragic. We’re not Duluth.

Fortunately, we have wall-to-wall cart paths and new and improved drainage – else it would be tragic. The up side is that our golf course is ridiculously lush – even shockingly beautiful.

While hosting an event today, I looked over at a group of guys talking, and noticed that everyone of them were wearing saddle golf shoes. Years ago ago, I was playing in some tournament where I swear that every player had Footjoy saddle shoes, Powerbuilt woods, Wilson blade irons, and a Ping putter – seriously.

It’s a different world. Long putters, hybrids, huge metal drivers, non-spike golf shoes that look like tennis shoes … I like it.

We have some neighbors who have installed sound systems in their golf carts. What do you think about that?

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