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Golf: Not for Snobs

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Just got back from Las Vegas. No-no-no … not what you’re thinking … I was at the NGCOA Convention … I went to hear some guy talk about FastPlayFriday.

The convention was good… golf biz people are starting to get it. Here’s the deal in a nutshell: Golf has had a reputation as being snobby and stuffy – that hasn’t been good for the growth of the game. Sure, some private clubs back East were definitely bastions of blue-blood snobbery and not exactly a lot of laughs. But, the roots of the game go back to Scottish shepherds who hit a rock with a stick and played for the reward of winning a shot of whiskey from the other shepherd – not exactly snob-central.

Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? Have an attractive clubhouse, manicured golf course, attractive flowers, good food, cool pro shop, and… a fun, relaxed atmosphere that even the old Scottish shepherds would enjoy?


Tom Abts