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Golf Should Be Fun

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I was a lucky guy growing up in Minnesota. My neighborhood was full of kids and we played baseball, football, and hockey all the time. It was way more fun than organized sports – we played for the shear love of playing a game.

We’ve always wanted to bring that basic fun of playing a game to Deer Run GC. That’s why I still play golf – I don’t play as well anymore, but I just love to play golf. I wish the powers that be would simplify the rules of golf and the whole etiquette thing would lighten up. It’s not brain surgery – I don’t buy into the whole silence and non-movement deal … just get up and hit it.

Now if people want to play heavy-duty golf, that’s another thing – go play in the State Am and State Open, etc. But your round of golf with your friends should be a lot more casual – even if some money’s riding on it.

If you’re looking for casual (maybe even crazy) we have another FunPlayFriday scheduled for May 4.The theme might sound really formal, but it’s not – it’s Mexican. Seriously. How perfect is that for FPF?

We’ll be having serving stations at assorted tee boxes around the course that will be giving away shots of tequila, Mexican beer, margaritas, gelato, etc. Also, we’ll be serving a day long lunch of tacos, nachos, etc. And it also includes golf lessons and massages at the range. All of this for only $69, and of course includes golf, cart, and driving range. Whoa – I almost forgot – and live music beginning at 5:00pm.

This is even better than when I played neighborhood sports as a kid.


Tom Abts