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Hand Action

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Greetings Golfers,

I went to the dentist yesterday. I’m a “grinder” – it’s lucky that I still have any back teeth. So while he was trying to repair my broken molars, he talked about his golf game.

Here’s why this is interesting: this dentist has highly trained, very sensitive hands … but, he has no idea how to control the club face when he plays golf.

Most people are so concerned about posture and body movements, that they don’t realize that they need to control the golf club with their hands. In fact, a lot of golf instruction tries to take the hands out of the golf swing.

That’s crazy. I wouldn’t want my dentist trying to control his drill with his shoulders while working on my teeth. In fact yesterday, a good friend/golf sales rep was showing me a new putting grip that took the hands out of the putting stroke – so you could putt with your shoulders. Think about that. Your shoulders?

The “experts” love to say that the hands are not reliable – that you need to swing the golf club with the “big muscles”. Well, I’ve been at dinners whether for business or socially, when I’ve been really nervous. But my hands still worked – I didn’t stab myself in the eye with my fork.

Back to this “big muscle” concept. Do you ever watch those celebrity golf Pro-Ams? The good players are usually the former quarterbacks, pitchers, and hockey players … guys with great hands. If it was really about the “big muscles” – the offensive linemen would be the good golfers – they’re usually not because of a lack of good hand-action and not good at throwing. The golf swing is basically a throwing motion.

So, back to my dentist. After I escaped the chair and could talk … I told him to hit balls with his dominant hand. Your dominant hand will control your golf swing and control the solidness of your shots. I’m right-handed, and I need to develop my left hand more than I have. Two highly trained hands are the goal. But, most of us don’t have that much time. Practice hitting shots with your dominant hand. Start with the putter. Then hit some chip shots with your dominant hand. Then try working your way up to hitting full shots with your dominant hand only.

Is this crazy/wrong? Think about this. When people start missing putts, they go to the left-hand low grip to take their right hand out of the putting stroke. Usually that doesn’t work. So the next step is to go to the belly putter – so they can anchor the putter with their left hand, and then putt with their RIGHT HAND.

My dentist will become a very good player if decides to start practicing hitting golf shots with his hands – especially his dominate hand.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional