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Heroes or Celebrities

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Greetings Golfers,

People need heroes. We need to be inspired. Life gets tough and the example of a hero can be really helpful.

But what is a hero? I think we’ve gotten confused with thinking that celebrities are heroes. Maybe a hero becomes a celebrity, but being a celebrity doesn’t make someone a hero.

A hero does something heroic. A celebrity does something to become famous. Kim Kardashian – celebrity. A good samaritan who pulls a drowning kid out of frigid water – hero.

In 1962 Dan Boorstein wrote a book “The Image: or Whatever Happened to the American Dream”. In the book he said “ Images now replace ideals.”

The goalie for the Wild – Josh Harding – is a hero. Not because he’s a professional hockey player, but because he has MS and is fighting to keep his job. His spirit – not his talent is what makes him a hero.

Celebrities are the latest fad. Heroes endure. There’s nothing wrong with getting a kick out of celebrities… but a society is in trouble if celebrities take the place of heroes.

Celebrities are usually the recipient of God-given gifts… the hero is the one who overcomes the odds to do the right thing.

Heroes are admired for bravery, nobility, honor, and character. Celebrities are admired for beauty and talent.

There’s room for both… I just don’t want to see celebrities become our idols instead of heroes.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional