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I just learned of another guy that I went to high school with who committed suicide. You’d be amazed at the number … and the huge number of really unhappy guys that I grew up with. So, obviously I’ve been trying to figure what’s going on. I think it’s a combination of things, but the main factors are Women’s Lib and a lack of spirituality. Slow down … I’m glad that women are freer and stronger – I think that’s vital for EVERYBODY … but, it’s come with a price. Men are now in competition with women for jobs, money, status and financial security … that makes a lot of men feel weak and emasculated. Then, throw in a loss of spirituality – the modern world of materialism (materialism here does not mean yearning for material objects, but rather the Marxist-based philosophical position that only matter exists; that there is no such thing as spirit), and all you’re left with is the shallowness and pettiness of the modern “rat race”.

If a man’s value is only his “success”, it can make him a pretty ruthless animal. Once upon a time, men found their value in honor. You know, being a stand up guy … someone who’s word was gold … and they defended it … in fact, they had duels over honor.
I read horrible things in the newspaper – men beating women, abusing little girls … theses are obviously not men of honor.

Now I’m not saying that men have to be saints … but they should try to be good guys. And there’s nothing wrong with being a guy … in fact, I think we need more of it. I don’t mean that that macho deal – that’s creepy and phony … I mean just being a guy. I thought that Mr. Rogers was a creep and a bad role model … women don’t really want their sons to be like Mr. Rogers … only if they secretly hate men.

The reason that this ridiculous “thug” culture has power is that it has has masculinity … but, it doesn’t have honor … men need masculinity with honor.