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Hot enough for ya?

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Greetings Golfers,

You know that saying “Hot enough for ya”? … I like to act as if it’s a serious question … sort of take my time and then respond with “Yes, it is hot enough for me – thanks for asking” …

Yeah … I’m losing it. I’ll blame it on the heat.

I’m pretty good at blaming. Golf is great for us blamers. I’m always getting screwed by bad bounces, loud noises, wind, slow play, sweaty hands, unfair greens … the list goes on and on …

But, I can take slow play off that list for one day. We’re resurrecting FastPlayFriday for July 27. Not FunPlayFriday … I mean the original … the real deal … FastPlayFriday.

As you recall, the Front Nine must be played in under 1:55 or you will be removed from the golf course. We will be awash in Rangers and Starters. The heat will be no excuse for dilly-dallying around … in fact, the heat should be a major incentive for fast play.

Hope to see you soon. Can’t wait to ask if it’s: “Hot enough for ya?”


Tom Abts