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Humans and Sub-humans

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That title probably grabbed your attention. Obviously, it’s pretty risky talking about sub-humans … but, I think you won’t be offended and will agree with me … so read on.

What I mean by sub-humans are people who are more like an animal. Here’s what I’m saying: for example, my dog Harvey, doesn’t have moral dilemmas – he doesn’t worry about right or wrong … he does what he can get away with. If I left my steak on a low table and left the room … he’d eat it … or if not, it’d be because he didn’t think he could get away with it … not that he has respect for private property and that it would violate his moral code. Humans do what is right because they know it is right – sub-humans do what they can get away with.

Now, animals function in packs. Dog’s are looking for the pack leader and then obey. Dogs respect power and attack weakness.

Humans want to live in civilization. Civilization is not the law of the jungle … might does not make right. Civilization is based on respect and decency.

Want to spot a sub-human? They take niceness as weakness.

One thing nice about running a golf course is that I don’t have to work with sub-humans. Usually I can spot them during the interview, but if not … I give them enough rope to hand themselves. I don’t manage using fear. If they are only motivated out of fear – if I have to be running around here with a pipe in my hand to keep them in line … I’ve hired the wrong people.

What’s difficult about a society is that we can’t just throw out the sub-humans. But, manners are a useful tool to determine basic civility and respect. But, what if a society devolves? I don’t mean evolves, but actually gets worse. What if sub-humans start outnumbering humans? That makes living in a democracy pretty scary. But remember, the USA is NOT a democracy … it’s a republic. Representatives are supposed to do what’s right for the health of the republic … not for the individual whims of their constituents … people don’t seem to understand that … that’s why it’s creepy when leaders are obsessed with polls … they just want to get reelected … not do what is right.

Remember … humans do what is right … sub-humans do what they can get away with.