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I Love August

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Greetings Golfers,

Fall was definitely in the air this morning. How we went from blistering heat to a semi-crisp Fall morning is classic Minnesota.

I love August. You never hear that … people talk about how they love Spring, or love Fall … I know I’m comparing months to seasons, but you never hear that they love August, even if they say they love Summer. Maybe it’s because August is the end of Summer. This week’s PGA Championship is the last Major of the year – Summer is winding down.

Speaking of the PGA Championship … have you ever played the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island? It’s crazy difficult. That so many guys shot under par yesterday is testament to how good Tour players are. When I played there a couple of years ago, my caddy told me that the average score for the people he looped for was 125. That’s not a misprint… he said 125 … and that was the average score – not the high score.

Sure, yesterday they had great weather – usually the wind really blows on Kiawah. But, even with great weather, I can’t believe that so many guys shot such low scores. Let’s hope that the wind picks up and we can see what they can do when it gets nasty out there. We missed out on challenging weather during the British Open – we deserve to see these boys cope with the challenges that Kiawah was designed for.


Tom Abts

GM and Head Golf Professional