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John Daly and Tim Herron

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Greetings Golfers,

Last Friday was a good day for the game of golf: John Daly made his debut on the PGA Champions Tour, and Deer Run GC hosted FunPlayFriday.

Both events had two very talented players gracing their fields – John Daly at the Woodlands GC in Houston, TX, and Tim Herron at Deer Run GC in Victoria, MN.

About 20 years ago John and Tim were two of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour … and probably the best cigarette smokers on Tour. A buddy of mine stopped in to visit the duo when they were roommates while playing at a Tour stop in Tucson. I think they had the Marlboro suite.

Daly hit the scene 25 years ago winning the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick in Indiana. He was the 9th alternate and got in at the last minute after driving all night from Arkansas. His “grip it and rip it” style blew away the field. Then four years later, he won the British Open at St. Andrews. Sometime take a look at the list of British Open winners at St. Andrews – pretty formidable.

But John also went through four wives and supposedly $50 million in gambling.

On the other hand, Tim has a solid marriage and great kids – Minnesota should take some of the credit.

Daly only won 5 PGA Tour events. I say only because he won 2 Majors before he was 30. Not only could he hit it a mile – his first 10 years on Tour he led in driving distance – but he also had a great touch around the greens. Long John could be a big winner on the Champions Tour (I always want to call it the Senior Tour).

Tim Herron was on the 1993 champion USA Walker Cup team. And he won 4 times on the PGA Tour. Tim is 4 years away from the Champions Tour. FunPlayFridays are probably what he needs to keep his game sharp.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional