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Jury Duty

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Greetings Golfers,

Life is seldom La-la-land. Whether it’s weather like the latest hurricanes or the daily strife of living with other people … there’s always problems to deal with. And, in a civilized country, hopefully we’ve put systems in place to deal with problems.

One such system is our legal system. A jury consisting of one’s peers listening to the arguments of the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney, and overseen by a judge. Hopefully it works better than vigilante justice.

Well, I was recently summoned to be a part of our justice system – I was called for jury duty. After waiting for the better part of the day to be called to a case (I was one of the last ones left in the huge waiting room), I was called to a criminal case. And then after a few days of being examined by the judge and then the two attorneys, about half of us were “excused”.

Did I speak up and give my opinions while we potential jurors were being interviewed by the judge and attorneys?
Of course! Did I say outrageous things so I wouldn’t be selected? Not at all. October is the perfect time of year for me to participate on a jury. Not only do I feel it’s my civic duty, but I thought the whole process was really interesting.

We were asked if we had any preliminary opinions of the defendant before the trial started. I took the microphone and said “Of course – that’s human nature. We all knew he’d been arrested, and that through years of living, we had assumptions about him due to how he looked. But, we have all dealt with overcoming first impressions or rumors about people all of our lives. And, isn’t that the point of a trial? Listening to both sides and making a rational, fair decision according to the law?”

I’m pretty sure that my explanation was not appreciated. My tour of duty has been ended. Well, fall golf is the best … and now I have a chance to play a little bit.

So, here’s some info about fall golf at Deer Run GC: Fall rates began October the first. Senior Rates for everyone, every day, all day. We’re punching the greens October 16th. And probably closing on October 31st.

I’m proud of America, and I’m proud of our legal system. I’m also proud of DRGC and look forward to playing golf the next few weeks. Hope you do too.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional