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Kansas and Oz

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Greetings Golfers,

People always laugh when I say that my favorite movie is THE WIZARD OF OZ. But, I mean it. That’s how I see life. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

We all want both… Oz and Kansas. I’ll admit that I want more Kansas in my life than Oz… but we all need a little Oz. Yet, you don’t want Oz as your home… Oz is fun to visit, but Kansas is home.

Just played golf yesterday at Secession GC. Secession prides itself on being “home” though most of its members live out of state. So, they’ve turned Oz into home… you visit, but feel like you’ve come home.

I think that as the world has become more modern, it has become more like Oz. So if home doesn’t feel like Kansas, you go find it for a visit. Sounds backwards doesn’t it? Live in Oz and visit Kansas.

Businesses are figuring this out. Restaurants are becoming smaller and using local ingredients. People are rebelling at the loss of “home” in the modern world, so they’re looking for “home” when they go out. They want real/authentic/human. They have enough of the virtual world, they want something real.

Secession GC is real. The staff feel like your friends – not that phony name-tag service you get from people “trained” to give “good service”.

Don’t worry – the world will never turn into the Jetsons. No matter how modern the world becomes, people will always find a way to go back home to Kansas.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional