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La-La Land

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Greetings Golfers,

The new year is a good time to set goals. Goals need to be realistic … based in reality. You have to be honest about what needs to be achieved … and honest about what is needed to achieve the goals.

Sounds reasonable … basing goals on reality. But, not if you listened to philosopher Herbert Marcuse. About 60 years ago, Marcuse said that “science is the enemy because it denies the reality of utopia”. Seriously – he really said that.

Marcuse would not have liked golf. Golf is based on reality. You hit it … you find it and hit again … until you get the ball in the hole … and that’s your score. The rumor was that former North Korean dictator – Kim Jong-iI – played a round of golf and shot 34 (38 under par) … they say he made 11 hole-in-ones during that incredible round. And, it was his first time playing golf! Kim Jong-iI was probably a devoted student of Marcuse.

Kim Jong-iI was the father of the current ruler of North Korea – Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was murdered last year in the Kuala Lumper airport by some women who gagged him with poison. Maybe his brother was worried that his half-brother had inherited the golf genes.

You probably don’t have to deal with such a jealous family member. At least not that jealous. Another reason to live in reality. The half-brother was probably in denial of how jealous Kim Jong Un was of him – especially of his golf game.

Your golf goals should be realistic. Even a score of 44 isn’t very realistic (10 shots higher than Kim Jong-iI). Our course record is 63. We don’t have a local dictator … so we probably won’t have anyone shoot 34.

It’s a shame that Kim Jong-iI didn’t make any golf videos. Herbert Marcuse could have been his director.


Tom Abts

GM/Head Golf Professional