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Men’s League

Deer Run Men’s League

Join us for the Deer Run Men’s League, and turn Thursdays into a ritual for the golf-gods.

The league is played every Thursday, and tee-times can be made for any time throughout the day.  First day of league play is April 27th!

The 2017 league entry fee is $100.00 ($70.00 for prize chits and $30.00 for GHIN handicap).

Click HERE to registration.

  • All play will be from the white tees
  • Low putts on front nine each week
  • Hole contests each week
  • Prizes will be awarded in prize chits that must be redeemed by Oct. 31 (no extensions or carry-overs).  Chits are redeemable for non-sale merchandise in the golf shop
  • Enjoy a complimentary tap beer at the end of your round on league day when you turn in your scorecard