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Life and the Swing

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Greetings Golfers,

You know how people always say that golf is like life? I agree, and we could make a million analogies. But the golf swing is also like life – here’s my latest analogy:

When I swing well, I loosen up my hold on the club… I don’t overreach on the backswing… I’m in control and relaxed at the top… I drop the club into position so that I can go after the ball… I accelerate the club through the ball into a long follow-through… and finish the swing in balance – poised and relaxed.

It’s the opposite with my bad swing. That’s when I squeeze the club… overreach on the backswing… am out of control at the top… panic and start the downswing too soon, which puts me in a poor position to hit the ball… so then I decelerate into a weak hit with a short, ugly follow-through… and obviously an off balanced, defeated finish.

You think that doesn’t sound like life? OMG. When I’m trusting life – I hold it gently… when I’m not – I’m too tough on everyone and the world, I micro-manage, I squeeze the joy out of living. Then instead of reaching back to do what I need to do… I overreach and take on too much – which leads to panicking, and then rushing, and then being too out of position to accelerate through my goal. Thus leading to not following through, and a defeated finish.

How about staying relaxed, trusting, not overreaching, being steady and relaxed at the top, dropping into the right position to accelerate through your goal, and then following through so you can end up with a beautiful finish?

You don’t think understanding your golf swing can help you understand your life?


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional