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Greetings Golfers,

So the PGA of America has decided to move the PGA Championship to May. Sure, the PGA has been the weak sister of the 4 Majors … but is moving it to May the magic answer?

The other 3 Majors have tradition on their side. The PGA has a long history, but doesn’t have that same sense of tradition as the other Majors. It used to be a match-play tournament … they should have kept that format and been a special Major.

This is not a good move for Northern courses. The PGA needs a 100 days to set up the tournament. Hazeltine may have hosted its last PGA Championship.

But Minnesota will still host good golf. In fact, the Women’s State Open will be held at Deer Run GC next week. The first round will be Tuesday afternoon, and the final round will be Wednesday morning.

We’re rooting for two locals to do well in the big event. Christine Piwnica grew up on Deer Run and is a star player at Bethel College. Also in the field is Deer Run GC Assistant Pro Lori Money. Lori was the MN PGA Women’s Player of the Year in 2015.

August can be a great month for Major golf tournaments. The Fed Ex Cup is moving up to August. Are you as bored with the Fed Ex Cup as I am?  I’d rather play golf and watch local Majors.

Hope to see you next week here at Deer Run GC watching the best women players in Minnesota.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional