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Masters Week 2012

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This is Masters Week. Even I got in one of those corn-ball pools where you pick your top seven players. Seven wasn’t enough – there’s at least a solid twenty guys with a legitimate shot at winning.

I love all of the Majors, but the Masters is my favorite. The course is difficult, but they can still light it up. The holes are very much risk/reward and can give up a bunch of birdies and a bunch of doubles. Things can change very quickly. Obviously, the winner has to hit the ball well to put himself in the right spots … but, he also has to putt VERY well. So, I hope you picked good putters if you’re participating in one of those Masters pools.

The main reason that I love the Masters so much is because of the vibe. Television does a pretty good job, but it doesn’t really capture it. Television gives it an air of pretension that I’ve never felt when I’ve been there. What blew my mind even more than the beauty when I’ve been there, is the relaxed, friendly, casual atmosphere. It felt like just a bunch of us decided to put together a tournament of friends – not a heavy duty major golf tournament.

For example, on number one tee box, the starter is an old Southern guy sitting at a table with a big rock holding down the pairing sheets. Then, when he announces the players, he just slowly stands up and says “ Tiger Woods – driving”… then he sits down. Unbelievable. Everything is like that. The ropes are right next to the players and they talk to the gallery. Because there’s usually a wait on the the par five tee boxes, it can turn into a party with the players telling stories and asking the spectators questions. You don’t see that on tv. I hope it doesn’t change – it’s very cool.

Speaking of very cool: This Saturday at 8:00am on WCCO/CBS right before the Masters coverage, there will be a show featuring the “Best Public Golf Course in Minnesota” as voted by the WCCO viewers. You’ll probably recognize it – it’s in the town of Victoria and they even interview some of the staff and customers (some real characters).


Tom Abts