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Normal Course Opening Year

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Greetings Golfers,

Last year at this time (March 15) we were open.

That was crazy – happens about once every 20 years. Normal opening for us is around April 5 – which is what we’re shooting for this year. That’s only 3 weeks away.

So while we’re getting the Course, and the Shop, Clubhouse, Restaurant, Carts, Events, and Leagues ready to go … you need to get your golf house in order, too.

How are your clubs doing? Your golf shoes? Balls? Bag?
Golf swing? Flexibility? Attitude?

I’m pretty fired-up. Watched the Doral on the tube last weekend. How good was that Leaderboard? How about Tiger’s putting?

We’re selling rounds of golf at a discount – known as our Loyal Player Packages – it’s a good deal. As you know, we’re not discount central – we can’t be … not if we want to provide a good product. We have the ground-breaking mission of providing a good product for a fair price. That’s why we’re still in business and still have a nice place.

Enough talk of economics. The golf season is a blink away. Let’s get ready.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional