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Greetings Golfers,

Today is September 25 … and the weather is still great. We had a really nice Summer, and it’s continued into Fall – hope it lasts through October.

As most of you know – we charge Senior Rates for everyone/everyday throughout the whole month of October. It’s sort of like Christmas – our generosity knows no bounds.

And, our final day for the year will be Sunday, November 1. Why would we close if it’s still warm and sunny in November? Here’s why – because of the combination of morning frost and early sunsets. If it’s dark at 5pm … and if a round of golf takes 4 hours … then our last tee-time has to be 1pm.

And, if there’s frost … our first tee-time might be 11am. So, we’d end-up having two hours of tee-times at Senior Rate prices … and beating-up the golf course. (Turf doesn’t heal very well in November).

We’d rather have a beauteous course in the Spring than make (or try to make) a few extra nickels in November.

Now y’all know.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional