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Old Deer Run Photos

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Greetings Golfers,

You know how when you haven’t seen a kid for a few years, you can’t believe how much they’ve changed in so little time. If you haven’t seen that kid in over 20 years, then it’s really mind blowing.

Well, our staff (Bennett Lang) found a bunch of old Deer Run GC photos yesterday and put them on our facebook page at . Most of the photos are over 20 years old. I forgot what the original clubhouse looked like: pre-pro shop, pre-porch, pre-major remodel… wow!

We were once a sleepy, little golf course way out west in the town of Victoria. Then the housing boom came along and all of sudden Victoria became one of the western suburbs. And over those years, Deer Run GC grew up from a baby to an adult. The baby pictures are especially hilarious.

For some of us, the trip down memory lane is nostalgic. For others, it’s a glimpse into the unknown history and beginnings of this unique place. Enjoy.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional