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Pinehurst Redux

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Greetings Golfers,

It’s still US Open week at Pinehurst #2. But this week it’s the women’s turn. This is not an easy golf course. Last week only 3 men finished under par. The women are not playing at the same length as the men did, but it’s basically the same course.

How about Lucy Li? She’s 11 years old and qualified to play in the US Open. How crazy is that? And she shot 78 yesterday – I can’t believe she broke 80.

How old was Michelle Wie when she hit the spotlight? It looks like she’s turning into the star that seemed to be her destiny. She’s only 24. She shot 68 yesterday.

Stacy Lewis is the leader – she shot 67 – she only missed one fairway, and one green. And she can putt. She’s an unbelievably good player.

Women’s golf has really improved over the years. When I went to ASU, I used to practice and play with some of the young women on the ASU team. Obviously they were good players – but nothing like the current crop of top college players.

Of course the new equipment helps … but more than anything I think it’s because girls play a lot of sports nowadays. One of the girls in the Deer Run Neighborhood – Christine Piwnica – just won the MN Class A High School Golf Championship. Christine is also a basketball superstar. Playing sports is a huge help to playing good golf.

We hosted the MN Women’s State Open a few years ago – they we’re very impressive players. You know that PGA Tour ad that says “These guys are good” … well, when watching the Women’s State Open, I kept saying “These gals are good”. Hope I don’t get sued.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional