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Pre-Season Golf

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Greetings Golfers,

Four years ago we opened the golf course on March 16. That seemed crazy … our average opening date is April 6. But, the record is about to be broken – we’re going to open onMonday, March 14.

I’m tempted to rant about what is new for this season at Deer Run GC … but I’m not going to do it now (wait a few weeks!).

We’ll be good – Barry says the turf is perfect – but we’re not in mid-season form. So, we’ll have Senior Rates for everyone-all day-every day during March and April. This is our preseason – just like the Twins in Ft. Meyers. May 1 is our Big League Season opening day.

That’s my story – what’s yours? Are you ready to play? Have you practiced over the winter? Do you have new clubs? Have you got a new swing theory?

Swing theory. The secret is in the word swing. When I play poorly I don’t swing – I try to hit the ball with a golf club. Though I know that, I still need ideas to help me swing and not hit. Here’s a thought that helped me this winter: “Take the club back low and slow”. That helps me find some rhythm right away in the backswing.

The other day I saw a golf swing video by Rick Smith. I loved it. Smith had a drill to get golfers to swing low to high with a lot of hand rotation. It’s a great drill to overcome the tendency to come over-the-top and smash down on the golf ball.

A few years ago I was at a seminar by a semi-famous golf instructor who mostly works with PGA Tour players. He talked about how the new swing technique on Tour was to finish the swing “low and left”. Of course I had to disagree. Finishing “low and left” for most players is a disaster – they need to finish “high and right” like in the Rick Smith drill. Maybe that move works for Tour players (maybe), but that’s not what the other MN Golf Pros at the seminar should be instructing their students.

As I said, this is the pre-season. Let’s get out and play golf and try to swing. Hopefully some of these ideas and drills will help – but remember … it’s a golf “swing”.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional