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Promises Promises

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Greetings Golfers,

Lots of talk this week about about the National Budget and Gophers Football coach Jerry Kill – both are not very healthy.

I’m sure not an expert on either situation, but I do have thoughts on how we get in these situations. I don’t mean Coach Kill’s health issues – but rather the continued troubles of the Minnesota football program.

Human nature always wants the best deal – makes sense – who would want a bad deal? But, that can lead to unfair deals. And… unfair deals usually lead to problems.

For example: College football fans, alumni, regents and presidents, want winning football programs. And they want it now. And they don’t want violations and an unclean program. OK… how can the new coach perform this magic? Especially at a cold weather university… and a state not overloaded with high school football stars.

People want a 5 star hotel for 3 star prices. People want a consistent high return on their investments. Of course. I get it. That’s what we all want… but how does that work? Isn’t that how we get con men like Bernie Maddoff promising 12% returns? Or football coaches who pull every recruiting stunt imaginable? Or politicians who promise the moon? Or businesses who take advantage of employees to make their numbers?

I’m just trying to say that too good to be true comes with a price.

The reality is that the U of M needs a coach who will commit to twenty years of building a strong program. And during those years, if things fall right, they might once or twice have a championship team.

I know I sound like an old fogy… but cutting corners and taking advantage of people doesn’t work in the long run… no matter how it’s spun.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional