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Greetings Golfers,

About a month ago I referred to the show “Bar Rescue”. It’s usually pretty funny and always interesting. The host of the show – Jon Taffer – is supposedly a turn-around expert, and he does a good job of identifying the weaknesses and the solutions to troubled bars across the country.

Some of my family members have told me that I should do a golf-rescue show … their support is appreciated, but that’s not happening. First off, I’m not a tough guy like Jon Taffer. He rolls into these places and goes crazy on the staff and especially the owners. It’s good drama and lively tv, but not my style and probably not successful in the long run.

What’s really needed in these bars is a change of culture. Taffer does a great job of cleaning things up, training the staffs, and identifying their target markets … but it all can’t happen in a 1/2 hour television show. A culture takes time to develop – even a bad culture. But a good culture takes a lot of time and perseverance.

A good culture is based on respect. And a culture of respect has to be fought for, and those battles have to be won. If the leaders allow the customers to disrespect the staff, and if the staff is allowed to disrespect each other … a culture based on respect cannot thrive.

Usually the bar is rescued, but it later on goes back to its old ways and ends up drowning. Taffer is a talented fellow, and definitely entertaining … but these places need more than a quick fix – they need a new culture.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional